Saturday, March 14, 2009


Drawing 88: I realize I'm way behind. But I can't force it. Recently, I've been reading more comics and just watched a documentary called "Comicbook Confidential" that's just great. I'm afraid the paper comic world is slowing fading in favour of "motion-comics" and film. I mean, Sam Jackson just signed a 9 film "Nick Fury" deal with Marvel. Marvel has become a movie studio. I haven't set foot in an actual comic book shop in years, let alone purchase anything.

I'm going to strive to create some shorts and try to get them published locally. There are a couple of alternative magazines printed in the Salt Lake area. I think it'd be a good last breath. I doubt the media will be around much longer.


Gid said...

I support you.

Mrs. Clark said...

Don't bet on comic books being a nearly-lost medium. It's been my experience that worthwhile stuff never dies. Those electronic books will never replace the real thing.