Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Drawing 85: This is my manager, Dustin. He found my drawings blog, and made a request for me to draw him.

This doesn't mean I'll draw you...unless I think you're characterable. (Dustin is an easy characterable person.)


Drawing 84: I know my numbers are off, but according to my blog they're right. Now I have to go back and find where I screwed up to fix it all. So, this is drawing 84.


Drawing 83: I like this guy.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Drawing 81: This is similar to drawings of past. I think this is an abstraction of my first instinct when I draw a face. I'm generally inclined to draw Homer Simpson. Although the intention of drawing him didn't exist during the process, it certainly reared it's ugly head in the end. I hope I break past that phase. I've been doing that for the last 10 years.


Day 80: It's time to get this blog back on track. With school and life getting in the way, I was upset with myself for falling behind way bad. Hopefully, I'll trend towards changing that. I miss my daily drawings, and hopefully you did too. I will play catch up, so stay tuned for the back issues. It's not that I haven't been doodling, but pen and paper is so unconventional for blog posts.

This is a disrupted business man. He started out very prim and proper, and went wretched as the music I was listening to progressively got louder and faster. (Mogwai's "I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead") It's reflective upon my urge to quit my day job of selling cell phones and being more myself by doing artwork. I'm really starting to hate my job. My ideal is to eventually be an art director for a major ad firm, or even OWN an ad firm.

Yes, the show "Ad Men" is in my Netflix queue. I haven't seen any episodes yet, but I'm sure they'll be informative and interesting.